**Special Announcement 4/01/2020**

**Special Announcement 4/01/2020**

EMTA and its affiliated instructors have been approved to deliver IICRC approved online courses. We are working around the clock to put the finishing touches on our online presentations and platform. As of now these classes are for the interim time due to the current crisis. There are 14 total classes that are going to be available at some point. Out of the 14 EMTA and it's affiliated instructors are delivering 6 of those classes as shown:

  • CCT (2 instructors)
  • FSRT (2 instructors)
  • OCT (3 instructors)
  • TCST (2 instructors)
  • WRT (4 instructors)
  • UFT (1 instructor)

We should be able to start scheduling the first Online classes as soon as the middle of next week. Class sizes are currently being restricted to 20 persons per class. Please keep in mind that there will be some technical things to sort out as there always is with new systems. There will be specific instructions that you will need to read and follow to participate in these classes.

Online does not deliver the same as in person class environments but the need(s) of the current crisis mandates that education take a different direction for the time being. EMTA and it's instructors are as dedicated to delivering online training with the same quality and depth as face to face.


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EMTA offers IICRC approved WRT, AMRT, CCT, CRT, RRT, FSRT, OCT, TCST and UFT courses with hands on training. We also provide OSHA-10 HR and OSHA- 30 HR classes.

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EMTA is an IICRC approved school providing IICRC approved curriculum on restoration procedures to structures after disaster strikes

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