Our Instructors


Mark Cornelius

Mark Cornelius founded EMTA in 2014. He is the President of DRI and is still active getting his hands dirty and feet wet in the restoration and cleaning industry. With more than 30+ years he has been an approved IICRC instructor since 2008 and is an IICRC triple Master. Mark is also a Fire Fighter and EMT-I for 10+ years and also a NPQ-1 Fire Instructor.


Rashelle Cornelius

Rashelle teaches IICRC approved Face to Face and now online courses including WRT and TCST! She has been involved with disaster restoration for over 25 years drying out large commercial buildings, residential structures and everything in the middle and delivers a real world approach to water damage restoration. Rashelle is an IICRC triple master with  wide ranging experience including fire and smoke cleaning and has been on numerous trauma and crime scene cleaning projects over the years and knows the ins and outs. Rashelle is also an OTI teaching OSHA 10 & 30 hour General Industry Safety classes. Rashelle owns and operates a disaster restoration company founded in 2001.


Rudy Alford

Rudy Alford has been in the restoration industry for 12+ years. Rudy holds IICRC Master Water, Fire and Smoke Restorer. Rudy is also approved as (CE) Instructor 7+ years in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida & South Carolina..


Thomas Cermak

Thomas Cermak has been in the cleaning and restoration industry for many years and has owned more than one successful company. Thomas has a passion for helping others. He is IICRC triple Master and will be teaching several subjects.


Dustin Resendiz

Dustin is a unique person to the world of instructors as an IICRC approved instructor. Dustin currently teaches WRT courses for EMTA. You may ask what makes him unique? Dustin is bi-lingual. Dustin can speak Spanish fluently! Currently Dustin is in the process of finalizing a few more red tape issues, but the plan is to have him 100% up and running in the next 7 weeks or less.

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