Test Preparation

Test Preperation

This short study guide is to help familiarize you with some of the terms and phrases you will hear and see in IICRC approved classes. Some of these will be new to you. Some you may have heard before but not with an explanation. Once you sign up for classes a more in-depth study guide will be made available to you upon your request.

Odor Terms:

  • Olfactory Nerve - Nerve that transports odor molecules to the brain
  • 1st Principle of Deodorization - Remove the source
  • Chlorine Bleach - Liquid oxidizer
  • HEP-A,B,C (Hepatitis) - Virus that affects the human liver
  • Ph - Parts of hydrogen
  • Protein odors - Meat, Fish, Beans
  • Urine salts - Alkaline salts found in urine
  • MVOCs - Microbiological Volatile Organic Compound
  • Black Light - Ultra Violate Light used to assist in detecting urine
  • Decomposition odor - Breakdown of proteins

Fire Terms:

  • Micron - One one millionth of a meter
  • PAH - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Thermal Fogger - Device that heats solvent solution to produce hot fog
  • AFD - Air Filtration Device (aka air scrubber)
  • HEPA - High Efficiency Particulate Air
  • Fire triangle - Oxygen, Fuel, Ignition source
  • Ozone - Heavier than air oxidizing gas (O³)
  • Pairing agents – combine with and change a malodorous substance to create a new odorless compound
  • ​​Heightened awareness - odor stems from your life history - past experiences, suggestions and impressions

Water Terms:

  • Portable – An extraction unit or carpet cleaning unit that has wheels
  • ​​TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) – Thermal imagining. Thermal imagery does not tell you what is wet but cooler or warmer
  • ​Calculating number of Refrigerant Dehumidifiers – You will have to consult the “chart factor” table but the formula is as follows. Cubic feet ÷ Chart factor number ÷ the AHAM rating of your dehumidifier
  • ​​

  • Carpet awl – A tool to assist a knee kicker in the proper disengaging of carpet from the tackles strip after water damage for inspection of back, pad, and subfloor
  • Dry Rot – 20% + moisture content, material is wet but less than it’s saturation point
  • MDF – Medium Density Fiber
  • “R” value – Resistance value (insulation)
  • SDS – Safety Data Sheet
  • Sanitizer – Brings surfaces to “safe” level
  • ​Crowning – Typically indicates that the top of the board is wetter than the bottom

Practice Questions

1 - A portable unit is a device that is used for

  • (A) Allowing communication between two people over a distance
  • (B) A machine used to extract water or clean carpet and has wheels
  • (C) An app that is available for down load to your smart phone
  • (D) Style of pre early American furniture “a poor table”

2 - TIC is an acronym that stands for:

  • (A) This Is Crazy
  • (B) Thermal Incident Consulting
  • (C) Thermal Imaging Camera
  • (D) Thermal Imaging Creation

3 - Thermal Imaging Cameras tell you what materials are:

  • (A) Hotter and cooler
  • (B) Wetter or drier
  • (C) The time of day it is
  • (D) The direction to point air movers

4 - To determine how many refrigerant dehumidifiers to place on a job you:

  • (A) Consult the Factor Chart, multiply length times width and round up
  • (B) Multiply LxWxH ÷ factor chart number then ÷ by AHAM rating of your dehumidifier
  • (C) How much is little Timmy’s tuba lesson going to be this year
  • (D) One dehumidifier should be placed in each room that has been affected as described in the OSHA rules and regulations book for professional restorers

5 - This is a tool designed to assist in disengaging carpet from tackles strips

  • (A) Cushion back cutter
  • (B) Carpet awl
  • (C) Tuck tool
  • (D) Razor knife

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